Business Start-up Offer

We are excited to announce a package for people wishing to start a business whom do not have a website.
This will enable you to have your site put online, walked through how it works and how to manage all the different parts of it, keep it secure, ensure you have all the plug-in’s/tools you need and anything else you may require.

All required details will be taken during the initial consultation, allowing us to set-up and configure the site to your specifications.
Any additional information we require can be obtained by e-mail or phone call, which will be your decision.

Once your site is up and running, we will walk you through it, show you how to customise items, create pages, work plug-in’s and anything else which is needed for you to have a successful business website.

Our offer breaks down as so:

  • Standard hosting fee: £10
  • Maintenance contract: £2.50

These are inclusive and cannot be separated.

  • Website build charge: £100

To enable small business to start easier we have broken this down for you.
You can opt to pay this back after either 5 or 10 months, it will not be a lump sum unless you request it to be so*, it will instead be added to your months bill at £10 a month until the balance is cleared.

We are also offering a 3 month hiatus on the site build charge to enable you to get your site running how you wish, get in customers and start earning money.
If you require more time you can contact us and we may be able to extend it.

If you are interested in this offer please use our contact form about or HERE.
Alternative, you can also contact us on 0203-468-3567.

*There is no extra charge if you wish to pay back in a lump sum or early.